About Me

My Work

The children have inspired me to let them share their stories and my own .Children are pure of heart and care about their future and the animals.The books are work of many and are uncut and real.As a person who loves children ,animals and cares about there future in a world that needs to be healed.This is a project to entertain the world with solutions to problems and join our mission of a better world.

My Community

The stories are based on true stories and some are sad, some might make you mad but there real and we can all put our minds together for our communities to make a difference.A open mind and a heart can get you places.Thank you !Im grateful for your help.

Join Our Journey

I speak from my heart and my soul and I want to share my land with the children ,good people and animals ,so they feel they have somewhere safe and free to be.The sales of the books will build a care centre, barn and a green house for them and the animals.People and animals need to be cared for.